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As Canadians remain the second-highest per capita users of opioids in the world, an in-depth and informed national conversation needs to be undertaken into how this was allowed to intensify throughout the country over the past several years.


Further, there has been a rapid increase in the overdoses and deaths caused by opioids, especially from highly concentrated forms such as fentanyl. The rate of hospitalization has increased by 27% over the past five years with an average of 11 deaths per day in 2017. 

Research suggests that the use and misuse of opioids is a complex health and social issue that requires further investigation. 

In light of this crisis, we ask experts: What factors are contributing to the use, misuse, dependence and/or addictions caused by opioids? What measures can be taken to mitigate the risk of harm caused by opioids?

Join us: 

Wednesday, February 20th, 8AM-10AM

Room C110, 1 Wellington St. 

Watch now:


Sheri Fandrey.jpg

Dr. Sheri Fandrey

Clinical Assistant Professor in the College of Pharmacy, University of Manitoba


Dr. Caroline Hosatte-


Emergency Medicine Resident at McGill University


Dr. Esther Tailfeathers

Medical Lead for the Population and Public, Indigenous Strategic Care Network

Jeff Turnbull.png

Dr. Jeffrey


Medical Director,

Ottawa Inner

City Health


Dr. John Weekes

Director, Research and Academics, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

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